We offer quality professional dog grooming with cuts starting at $66. All full-service grooms listed below include nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland check, a deep cleaning bath (minimum 2 shampoos) brush-out, light de-matting, de-shedding and thinning as applicable, and full dry. ALL dogs receiving clipped or hand-scissored cuts are HAND DRIED.

Starting prices are listed below and do not include taxes. For more information on our pricing and policies, please visit our Salon Info page.

Styling Cuts

It is a great idea for the dog’s person to keep them well groomed, but to make sure they are fashionable is FABULOUS. 

Basic Shave

The body and legs are clipped to one length to a maximum of a ½ inch. The face, ears, head and tail are styled and cut to as to your specific wishes. Our most popular cut for small breeds.

Stylized Cut/Teddy

The body is clipped to one length and the legs are scissored longer. A substantial amount of hand scissoring is required to achieve a soft look. This is a medium maintenance cut as regular brushing & combing is required between grooms to avoid matting. 

Puppy Cut – Kennel Cut

The entire coat is hand scissored long for a lush full look. This is a high maintenance cut that requires regular brushing and combing between grooms.

Proper Cut

A breed specific cut that meets the breed standard as set out by the AKC. Breeds that sport proper cuts include Westies, Cairns, Schnauzers and Bedlington Terriers … to name a few.

In-Between Haircuts “Bath and Tidy”

This groom serves as a tidy-up of new growth from a previous cut – the face, feet, pads and sanitary areas are trimmed back, the ears and tail neatened and the body and legs tidied but left long.

Bath and Tidy

The “Bath and Tidy” serves a variety of breeds and coat types that need scissor work but do not (typically) receive clipper cuts. Breeds such as the Papillon, Cavalier, Sheltie, Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever belong in this group. De-shedding and thinning is included if applicable. Prices vary according to breed

Bath & Brush

The “Bath and Brush” is suitable for breeds that require no clipper or scissor work like Chihuahua, Pugs, Beagles, Labs and Huskies. De-shedding is included.


All dogs need regular grooming throughout their lives and it is essential to introduce puppies to the grooming experience early. If professional grooming services are required, your puppy can safely come into the shop after its second set of shots. We suggest a simple “bath and tidy” as an introductory groom and are pleased to offer discounted pricing for puppies up to 12 months of age. 

Groomer's Choice

Feelin’ Lucky? 

This is for thrill seekers, or those who can’t quite decide on what to do. Our professional groomers will decide what they feel is best and run with it. The exciting part? You can flip a coin to pay double or nothing! 

Other Services

  • Nail Clipping $15

    Priced starting from

  • Brush Outs $2

    Priced Per Minute

  • Dremmel Grinding $20

    Nail Grinding

  • Gland Expression $15

Our Grooming Process

hands-on pet assessment

relaxing bath

hand drying

tailored haircut

brushing & clipping