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The Mucky Mutt in Oak Bay is open 5 days a week and grooming appointments are currently available from Tuesday through Saturday. The Mucky Mutt employs one full-time, fully experienced and talented finishing groomers with over 12 years experience. The safety and well-being of dogs in our care is of prime importance. It is for this reason that our policy is to house dogs separately and prohibit mixing during their groom stay. The information below covers a number of our policies and procedures.

New Clients

If your dog is new to our shop you will be asked to complete a ‘customer information form’ when you arrive for your appointment. It is important to inform us of any medical or behavioral issues your dog may have. After your information is collected your groomer will discuss your dogs styling needs. Be sure to tell her:



Grooming charges are based on the size of your dog, its breed, current coat condition, density of coat, degree of matting and type of cut or style desired. Every dog is unique and “start prices” listed on our grooming page are given as an estimate of our overall price range. If you wish to get a custom quote, we recommend stopping by with your dog prior to making an appointment.


Vaccination Status

We ask that all dogs are up-to-date with their shots and do so on the ‘Honour System.’ We also strongly advise our clients to protect their dogs with a suitable parasite control program. Dogs that present in our shop with fleas will automatically receive a flea bath and extra charges will apply. Please review our flea policy and check for fleas prior to your appointment.


Before the appointment

If possible, take your dog for a walk before dropping them off for their grooming appointment. This will tire them out a little and help them relax. For your dogs comfort, please be sure your dog has had the opportunity to “do his or her business” before the groom.


Keeping appointments

Grooming appointments are made with your time and schedule in mind. As a courtesy, we call and remind customers of their upcoming appointments a day or two in advance. If for any reason you cannot make your appointment or need to re-schedule, we appreciate the same consideration of our time and schedule by notifying us at least 24 hours advance.

Customer Service

We work hard to ensure that our customers, both two and four legged, are happy with our services. We always feel rewarded when we receive positive feedback and appreciate your referrals. It is equally important, however, that we get your feedback  if  your expectations have not been met.  If possible, visually check your dogs groom before leaving the shop and if you have any concerns let us know!

Grandpaw's Treats

We are happy to offer locally made, nutritious dog treats. Each treat is with Canadian-sourced meat and veggies; all-natural, with no additives or preservatives. Each treat is a single ingredient, and Grandpaw samples them himself, ensuring quality and safety. 

Grooming Times

We book dogs for grooming in 3 blocks a day and a limited amount of dogs are taken for each block.

Large & giant breeds may take additional time. If you need your dog groomed in less than our allocated time, please make special arrangements with us in advance. Extra charges may apply for “express” grooms. Giving us adequate time to do our work is an important part of providing a positive grooming experience for your dog. We are happy to accommodate clients who need to drop their dog off early (i.e. you have booked for 11:00 but need to drop off your dog at 10:00) however your dog will not be ready any earlier. If you need us to keep your dog longer, this too is fine, just let us know in advance.

*Please call and speak to us directly if your pet has special grooming needs, including geriatric dogs with mobility challenges.

How To Reach Us:

We are open Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. Closed on Sunday, Monday and on all stat Holidays


105 - 2250 Oak Bay Ave.


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